Dear Participants!

We welcome You to the Ski-Orienteering World Cup Round 2 in Estonia!
Over the years we have organized several major orienteering competitions, and now it is once again time for ski-orienteers to come to Estonia and compete in excellent nature and interesting orienteering landscapes.
We have selected Kubija and Haanja forests in Southern Estonia for this World Cup. In my youth I have tested my athletic abilities and orienteering skills in this area – therefore I can say with full confidence that this area is very suitable for orienteering enthusiasts to determine who is best of the best.

Enjoy every moment of Your time in Estonia and achieve the best result in Your sports career so far.
Our entire organizing team will do their best to make the competition memorable and successful.
I wish You slick track and clever approaches to solving our orienteering riddle.

Stay Safe and secure!

Aigar Pindmaa
President of Estonian Orienteering Federation

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